Xanti de Raduca


We hope that she will get the best characteristics of his parents combined with the strong influence of D’Robusto de Targoviste and Arka-Bata, the linebreeding on wich is made this litter, that produced exceptional dogs with many good results on any aspects.

  • Father/Padre: T’Zenit de Raduca
  • Mother / Madre: Roya de Raduca
  • Date of birth/ Nacido: 30 August 2014
  • Breeder: de Raduca Kennel
  • Registry / Registro: FCI 
  • Sex / Sexo: Female / Hembra
T’Zenit de Raduca Tifon de IronBull Krom de IronBull
Tartara de IronBull
Renata de Raduca D’Robusto de Targoviste
Roya de Raduca D’Robusto de Targoviste A’Popa de Irema Curto
Gita de Irema Curto
Arka-Bata Somogyvar Reme Romeo
Galiz Bullsara del Pemba

Detailed pedigree: http://worldpedigree.clubdogocanario.ru/parent-generator/build?father=7179&mother=1098